Welcome to Tangkor Dairy Cooperative!

Tangkor Dairy Product Cooperative was formed in 2010 with the purpose of improving the livelihood of Tibetan nomads while sustaining the nomadic culture of Tibet.

We add value to the traditional yak dairies by helping them to make their products available to the right markets.

We produce and sell natural, additive free yogurt at regional markets, and we are currently working to expand our product line with the introduction of organic Tibetan yak cheese to the US market.


Why should you try Tangkor dairy products?

  1.    It is delicious: produced by yaks that graze free range at 3,000 meters above sea level with the clean air and water of the Tibetan plateau.
  2.    It is good for you: rich nutrient content including twice the protein of cow’s milk.
  3.    It is unique: over 90% of the world’s yak population is on the Tibetan plateau.
  4.    It makes a difference: supporting yak dairies strengthens the traditions and improves the the quality of life of the Tibetan nomad population.


Any inquiries about our products or services feel free to email us at rigdzin@tangkor.com